The Cloud, Office 365, and what’s wrong with Pop 3

When it comes to cloud services you’ll find most people have an Idea of what it is. The thing is, a lot of these ideas are far from the truth. One person even told me that the cloud is a cluster of information floating in the air above our heads. Once you change your perception of the topic, you can find it’s quite a simple concept.

Two-Factor Authentication – Easy Security

We all want a safe experience when it comes to using our PC’s, so strong computer security is essential and highly desired - even more so in a business. Today we’re going to be talking about Two-factor authentication, which can add another layer of security on to your machine.

5 Work Hacks To Boost Your Productivity And Get Home On Time

As a business owner, you have to wear many different hats. That’s just the reality these days. At month end, you’re an accountant, when employees complain (that’s always fun) you’re in HR, and when you need to make payroll, you’re in sales.
Unfortunately, in many cases, you can’t simply take a hat or two off - what needs to be done needs to be done.

Why Ingenio Technologies has a 98% client retention rate.

One of our proudest achievements is having a 98% client retention rate for the last 5 years and counting, and this figure hasn’t manifested by chance! Here are 5 reasons why our clients stay with us.

1. Our 6 core values

…are our way of life. They are the ground rules in which we do everything, from the smallest task to the biggest.

Businesses in The South East Are At High Risk of Cyber Attack

What’s the biggest issue facing your business right now? For most companies, possible answers would include marketplace competition, acquiring new clients, lack of staff and a host of other challenges. And while each present a unique problem, the danger isn’t powerful enough to close your company down immediately.

How to pause and resume recording whilst in a live phone call

In today’s blog post, we will be explaining how to pause and resume recording whilst in a live phone call. I promise it will be really easy too.

We’re going to be doing this by using horizon, a hosted telephony software.
What’s a hosted telephony software you ask? Ah, well it’s this neat little tool that sits in the cloud and works through your VoIP telephones, rather than at your physical premises.

The New Age Criminals – Spyware

Spyware is recognised as software that has the ability to collect your user information without your knowledge. It then sends this information back to the spywares home base through your internet connection (which also takes up bandwidth). It's commonly used for marketing purposes, although it can be used to collect credit card details and passwords.