Build on your business connections and watch it thrive – Attend Brighton Chambers Summit 29th April 2022

Come join us at Brighton Chamber’s latest in-person networking event. We are lucky enough to be one of the sponsors at this year’s summit.

This will be Brighton Chamber’s first summit back in person, which is a significant milestone since the pandemic started. The organisation supports members while working with the wider business community to help them thrive too.

Attending business events will benefit your business and personal development in many different ways, from getting advice and support from other business owners to raising your profile in the business community. We have been attending Chamber events for a while now and the summit is always one we look forward to as it’s a great turnout.

This summit’s theme is Unite, focusing on how we all come together and help one another. It’s about working together to solve problems, seeing what skills we have that will benefit others, and accepting that we can’t always do everything ourselves.

What can you expect at the summit?

Ingenio will be attending with many other businesses to provide fresh perspectives and new approaches to the ways you work. There will be an opportunity to have a number of beneficial conversations with a bunch of brilliant, like-minded business professionals. More than 300 businesses and entrepreneurs will be attending from across Sussex. Including knowledgeable speakers, educational workshops, engrossing discussions, and plenty of time for networking.

Throughout the day, you will be building connections, discovering new ideas, and pushing yourself to do better. It will be a very productive and beneficial day, perfect for the first quarter of the year.

Why is it important to build connections in business?

Networking in business is an important part of development and growth, which we have learnt over the years. There are many advantages of doing this, here are some benefits we have gained from attending networking events similar to Brighton Chambers Summit:

Support from other businesses

Career development is not an upward journey, everybody has come across some hurdles along the way. It could be something such as a lack of materials available, lack of financial support/guidance. This is where good networking comes into it, becoming acquainted with high profile individuals from similar or the same industry can lead to extra support whenever needed. These individuals can help you through your challenges effectively by giving you advice and resources they have previously used.

A place to exchange ideas

Success in a career is mainly attributed to the knowledge and information you have learned, this wouldn’t be possible without connections and discussions within the business world.  Networking creates an environment where discussions and exchange of ideas can take place, as a result, sustainable long-term relationships and mutual trust are built.

Confidence within yourself

Networking is the main tool for personal growth in your career; it enables you to build self-confidence and promotes self-esteem. It will encourage you to always rise to a social occasion and be confident to mix with other business owners.

Overall, networking and attending business events, such as the Brighton Summit, helps make connections with other business owners and opens doors for new business ventures, referrals, introductions etc.

Increase your business connections at the Brighton Summit: Unite

The Brighton summit will take place on the 29th of April 2022. Are you thinking about attending? To make it better, you’ll be treated to a tasty breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day provided by our wonderful independent food and drink businesses. Get your ticket here now.