An Ingenio Technologies Halloween

Ingenio Technologies pushed their fears to the limits this Wednesday 26th October (Some more than others!). We went for our 3rd quarterly company outing and decided to engulf in some horror at Tulleys Shocktober Fest.

None of us had ever been to Tulleys Shocktober Fest before, so we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. What it turned out to be however, was an atmospheric experience of gore, freaks and most importantly fun!

Zain tried to record some footage so that we could create a video, but in the first attraction we went in, a possessed witch jumped out at us and screamed “No Flash Photographyyyy!!”.

Those of us who found it mild in dread did however have our moments. Can you see the fear in their faces? Maybe not…


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What was everyone’s favorite parts?

Adam: Zain going crazy when she walked into a creature she didn’t see. She also got eaten by a giant snake that appeared from nowhere.

Laura : Smashing my head on the chimney; and just Zain in general I think haha.

Zain : Laura crawling through the blow-up tunnels. I remember we were walking through this pitch black maze with nothing but faint, red lights and smoke that you had to follow. Something dragged Jake into the fog by who knows what!

James : Jake running away from the chainsaw man in the chop shop

Jake : My favorite part was walking through the whole of the haunted cellar. I was at the back, which was actually the worst (and best) place to go for this one. Everything would chase me and I would end up pushing everyone forwards.

Matt : I enjoyed the Last maze. The Chop Shop. being chased by lots of different zombies with chainsaws really got the heart going and the adrenaline going.

Every quarter, Ingenio Technologies goes for a family outing. Last quarter we faced our fears of heights… See what we did in our last adventure here.