The Cyber Security Stats You Need to Know – For SMBs

cyber security stats

Often in Business, you can’t really appreciate the scale or effectiveness of things until you put numbers to them. These Cyber Security Stats will give you a better understanding of what is really happening with cyber security right now, where you may be vulnerable and, as a result, what it could cost you if you are affected.

Cyber Security Stats:

  1. 43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses. (source)
  2. The UK’s 5.4 million small businesses are collectively attacked more than seven million times a year.(source)
  3. 60% of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack. (source)
  4. Small businesses are concerned about cyber attacks. Also, only 51% of them are not allocating any budget to cyber security. (source)
  5. 1 in every 131 emails contains malware (source)
  6. In 2016, cyber security breaches cost UK businesses approximately £30 billion. (source)
  7. 37% of UK businesses experience cyber attacks at least once a month. (source)

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