Rapid response and enhancing IT Security

Posture People, a company specialising in ergonomic office solutions, faced a critical IT security breach that threatened their business operations.

This case study explores how Ingenio Technologies swiftly intervened to resolve the crisis, showcasing its expertise in IT support and security solutions.

The Challenge

Jo Blood, a director at Posture People, discovered an unauthorised Facebook ad campaign running under the company’s account on a Friday afternoon. This alarming situation indicated that their account had been hacked, posing a significant risk of financial loss and data breach. Despite efforts to stop the ad, the hacker continuously reactivated it, leading to a potential drain on the company’s resources.

Ingenio IT Support's Response

In a desperate attempt to resolve the issue, Posture People contacted Ingenio IT Support despite the problem falling outside their contractual obligations. Ingenio’s rapid response was led by Cameron, who contacted Jo within minutes of the distress call.

Key Actions Taken: 

Immediate Intervention

Cameron quickly assessed the situation and took control, ensuring the hacker was permanently removed from the account.

Enhanced Security Measures

Ingenio implemented additional security checks, including two-factor authentication, significantly boosting the account's security. This measure now requires a code sent to Jo's phone to authorise access, providing robust protection against future breaches.

Expert Guidance

Cameron provided expert advice on maintaining security and preventing similar incidents, reinforcing Posture People's confidence in their digital safety.


Thanks to Ingenio IT Support’s expert intervention, Posture People regained control over their Facebook account and enhanced their overall IT security. The swift and effective response prevented financial loss and instilled a greater sense of security and trust in their IT systems. Jo expressed immense relief and satisfaction with Ingenio IT Support’s service…
"Cameron was brilliant... Ingenio feels like a member of my own team. I trust them implicitly to get the job done. They are absolute experts."


This case study exemplifies Ingenio IT Support Brighton’s commitment to solving complex IT challenges with speed, expertise, and a client-centric approach. Their ability to swiftly address and rectify security breaches underscores their value as a trusted IT support partner for businesses in Brighton and Sussex, like Posture People.