Find your business path with Brighton Chambers En Route event

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It’s been a tough time for business, and with things still up in the air for the future, many business owners are struggling to know which foot to put forward. Do you feel stuck, unsure which direction to take your business?

It’s a problem all of us face. Brighton Chamber have created their En Route event, which we are excited to be sponsoring, next month on the 30th of April, to combat this issue and help guide business owners and business to a brighter future.

Brighton Chamber is a local networking organisation that we and other businesses of all sizes are a part of. The organisation supports members while working with the wider business community to help them thrive too.

They hold many networking events, enabling members to attend, mix with each other and discuss business. Other business events Brighton Chamber hold are similar to the En Route event coming up.

Brighton Chamber’s En Route event is all about redirecting business back on track after the unpredictable year we’ve had. Everything has changed in all aspects of our lives. It really is the survival of the fittest in the business world now.

The En Route event is virtual and open to businesses local to Brighton wanting to improve and help their company grow.

Attend the online Brighton Chamber En Route event on the 30th of April and get advice from business leaders which will help you establish your businesses destiny.

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