Good news on Ransomware [Finally]

We’ve all come across some haunting stories of Ransomware in business over the past few years. These stories have only multiplied with time. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear some positive development on the topic of Ransomware? Well that’s exactly what we’ve got for you today.


In a matter of weeks, a new major update will be rolling out for Windows 10. The patch called ‘Creators Update’ will include new anti-ransomware protection features.

  • Cloud protection will now be instant. Windows Defender AV will automatically suspend a suspicious file from running and will further inspect the file.
  • You will have to give permission to adobe flash to be able to run, rather than it running automatically (which could contain malicious files in the background). This feature is coming out for Microsoft edge, however, this feature has already been implemented on chrome!
  • Microsoft have made great strides to “limit ransomware activity from minutes to seconds, reducing its damage from hundreds of encrypted files”.
  • Other features include improved detection for script-based attacks, improved inspection of system interactions, artefact searching and machine quarantine all resulting in making your data more secure and safe.


WannaCry Outbreak


In May 2017 the strain of Ransomware, WannaCry, was released to the word, and infected over 230,00 computers all around the world. This included many businesses getting infected, including the NHS.

However, 0 Windows 10 users were infected by the outbreak. This is great proof to show the security capabilities of Windows 10. (source)

Today, 22.59% of all PCs today use Windows 10. (source)


The best way to cure Ransomware is to Prevent it. Make sure you know what a phishing email looks like, and that your using a password manager such as Lastpass to add that next level of security to your network.