Jake Cheeseman – Our 4th new Employee this year!

Introducing Jake Cheeseman, Ingenio Technologies newest technical engineer. Since his first
day on the 3rd of October, Jake has been learning about what we stand for and what it means to be a part of the Ingenio team. We already have one employee here called Jake, which is why we will be calling Cheeseman: Jake C, or, JC.

Jake C is a friendly and honest person with a strong can-do attitude. This is why he fits in well with the Ingenio culture. He has a strong knowledge base in IT and experience in IT support. Jake will certainly prove to be a valuable asset of Ingenio Technologies.

I was curious to find out more about JC and how he’s finding his time here so far, so I invited him for an interview.


Hi Jake C, how are you doing today?

I’m great thank you! How about you?

Fine Thanks. So, tell me JC… What made you want to work as a technician?

Well, ever since I was young I’ve had an understanding with computers you see. I used to buy broken computers, fix them up and then sell them on eBay. That’s how I got most of my pocket money haha.

What do you think it was that attracted you to computers?

They were easy for me. I just understood them. The feeling of figuring computer problems out by myself is incredibly rewarding. I’m a problem solver.

Great! I’m sure you can use your knowledge to excel your technical career here.

You bet! It’s much more structured and on the ball here than any other IT company I’ve worked for before.

What do you mean?

Well in my previous jobs, we didn’t really have one exclusive role like we do here. Back in the day I was doing admin, ordering and support all at once! Here however, there is an Admin person, and I will be working exclusively in support which means I can focus on the real task at hand. I can dedicate my time to what I’m good at here, whereas I didn’t really have this opportunity in my previous job.

Agreed, we are very dedicated to our roles here.

Yep. I like how everyone is independently motivated and together we make a strong team. Everyone is really friendly and we are all similar yet diverse in a way. I guess Ingenio Technologies

hires people with a similar outlook to work.

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about working at Ingenio Technologies so far?

My favourite would have to be the fact I have so many resources and very knowledgeable people to lean on in case I need anything. My least favourite would have to be the CRM software we use simply because it takes a while to learn how to use. I’m pretty much there with it though.

What phrase or word would sum up your journey with Ingenio Technologies so far?

Engaging. As in when everyone’s working we are in a ‘engaged work-trance’.

Thanks for sharing this with us Jake C! I hope your journey continues to be a fun and educational one.