What is a Managed Service Provider? (MSP)

A managed Service Provider (MSP) is an outsourced service provided by an IT support company that manages the whole of your business IT systems. Everything should be managed for you and would normally include anything that is connected to your network. They service all your IT needs and requirements to ensure your business is running at its full potential when it comes to technology. Once a business realises it not only depends on technology, but also drives it forwards, that is usually the time they seek out an expert IT Support company to provide a completely managed proactive service that also provides a helpdesk and monitored network security. Because of the rapid change in technology, it’s hard to make sense of what’s available to you. IT Support companies, or Managed Service Providers, should meet with you at least once a quarter for a quarterly business review to discuss the business needs and use their expert knowledge of the industry to provide comprehensive consulting strategies for your business. In addition to proactive managed IT services, they will be able to provide a range of other services too such as hosting your websites, provide you with Office 365 or other cloud product, protect and secure your network and backup your data. Managed Service Providers help you to grow your business through the use of technology.