The New Age Criminals – Spyware

Spyware is recognised as software that has the ability to collect your user information without your knowledge. It then sends this information back to the spywares home base through your internet connection (which also takes up bandwidth). It’s commonly used for marketing purposes, although it can be used to collect credit card details and passwords.

Spyware usually gets onto your pc when you download free programmes on the internet, hidden within the download. Once your pc is infected, the Spyware will proactively ‘Spy’ on your activity and files and use this for a number of different objectives. It could be to supply relevant pop-up ads, sold to a third party, or to commit fraud and identity theft.

Spyware can infect your computer through the following things, so it’s best to avoid these…

. Corrupt websites
. Email attachments
. Dodgy DVDS
. Browser Add-ons
. File sharing

Remove spyware by checking your control panel for programmes you suspect may have something to do with spyware and delete them – be careful though. You can also consult IT experts such as your IT support team and let them guide you in the process of appropriate and effective anti-virus software and security.

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