My Perfect Admin Setup

By Laura day

One of the most important things for an administrator within any business is to have the perfect setup.

For me, having an organised and clutter free desk is very important. What helps is to have the aim to go ‘paperless’. We have a filing system in the cloud in which I store lots of administration documents. These documents can be shared with colleagues in which they can edit as well. This makes for much more efficient collaboration.


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Paper and Paperless

Of course, there is a common view on the fact that you can’t go completely paperless… you’re going to have some paperwork which cannot be stored online so I have created a filing system in a separate cabinet for these bits. This enables me to see my workload for the day which will always be placed on my desk or in my emails / calendar.

The setup of my desk is also a key point for me as this is where I am based for 99% of my job role.

Admin Setup Display

Starting with my computer monitors, I have two screens for my role because of all the different programs and software I use. This enables me to have multiple programs open and visible at the same time. It also helps me to work on more than one task at a specific time and space to view new emails and documents as they come in.


Cable arrangement around a desk is important as this can easily be in the way or even become a trip hazard if it hasn’t been left in the right way. It is important for me and any employee to have all cables tucked away off desks. This way it won’t be a trip hazard, will look tidy and lead for a more organised frame of mind whilst working.