Is Your Phone System Holding You Back or Helping You Fly?

See why your current phone system may be restricting your growth and how you can unleash the true potential of your business.


There is nothing worse than having something hold your business back from its truest potential. And with a phone system being frequently used for all aspects of a company, it becomes clear to evaluate whether or not it is allowing you to operate at your best.

Technology can- and should – improve business communications. For Small to Medium Businesses in particular, modern communications technology can enable you to:

  • Compete on equal terms with much larger Businesses
  • Grow without having to invest heavily in new offices, hires, resources and equipment.

Read on to understand how your phone system may be damaging your profitability and the benefits Cloud communications can offer you.

A traditional telephone system typically involves:

You buy the kit and install it in your office.

Ongoing management
An employee has to manage it.

You pay a third-party to maintain it.

If you want more features, you pay for an upgrade.

Is Your Phone System Holding You Back or Helping You Fly? Ingenio

Outgrow it
If you outgrow it, you throw away and buy a new one.

Is Your Phone System Holding You Back or Helping You Fly? Ingenio

Serious distribution – If you experience PBX failures, you experience serious business disruption.

Is Your Phone System Holding You Back or Helping You Fly? Ingenio

The great divide between phone and IT systems


Traditional phone systems exist largely in isolation from IT systems: one was about making and receiving phone calls; the other was about digital communications and managing information. the fact that both were essentially about communications was ignored.

Today’s Cloud Communications


The worlds of telecoms and IT have converged to deliver seamless Cloud Communications

Is Your Phone System Holding You Back or Helping You Fly? Ingenio

Is Your Phone System Holding You Back or Helping You Fly? Ingenio

Communications are Now a Critical Enabler of Success


If your communications aren’t up to speed, your business will soon fall behind. Effective, flexible, high-performance communications systems are now critical to every business for the following reasons:

  • Mobility – Increasingly mobile and dispersed workforces rely on communications support.
  • Customer expectations – Communications are essential for meeting rising customer service standard expectations.
  • Staying competitive – To repel threats from lower-cost competitors, communications are key in improving productivity.
  • Responsiveness – Responding quickly to rapidly changing market conditions and new competitors requires effective communications
  • Collaboration – Communications are the lifeblood of the new age of business collaboration with suppliers, partners, and customers.


The true cost of an outdated phone system


Is Your Phone System Holding You Back or Helping You Fly? Ingenio

The arguments in favour of replacing an out of date phone system have often focused on the direct costs. However, the indirect costs to a business struggling on with an outdated phone system are much greater than the direct costs.

Even so, the true costs of a traditional on-premise PBX are as follows…

Direct costs:

  • Facility costs
  • Maintenance charges
  • Upgrade costs
  • Obsolete equipment write-offs

However, your indirect costs are even more expensive…


Poor service = lost customers

Many customers still prefer having a phone call when dealing with service issues, so if your phone system doesn’t deliver the experience they want. your customers could soon be someone else’s.

Rising customer service expectations are often judged by phone call experiences.


Is Your Phone System Holding You Back or Helping You Fly? IngenioPoorly equipped employees = lost productivity

Today’s workforces are increasingly dispersed, but they still need to communicate and collaborate effectively – wherever and whenever. If employees don’t have access to the communication and collaboration tools they need, their productivity is adversely impacted.

Traditional systems were not designed for flexible working and can damage employee productivity.  All your employees need access to the same information and tools, and they all need to be in contact at any time, from any location.


Missed opportunities = missed revenue

Physical presence is no longer needed for selling into a new location or launching a new service – but if you’re hamstrung by out of date communications, you’ll struggle to access new opportunities.

Never miss an opportunity with our telephone system, find out how our VoIP systems keep callers on the line here.

Is Your Phone System Holding You Back or Helping You Fly? Ingenio

Outdated systems = increased downtime

Unlike Cloud Communications platforms – which feature built-in redundancy and support seamless working from any location – an on-premise phone system significantly increases your risk of a costly outage.

An outdated on-premise phone system puts your business at risk of a major IT or communications outage, which could result in lost sales, reduced productivity and damage to your reputation.

Routine administration = wasted IT expertise

The IT resources of many non-enterprise businesses are both stretched and costly – focusing them on managing an ageing phone system is particularly wasteful.

Your scarce IT resources should be focusing on your growth, not tied up trying to maintain your outdated phone system.


Why you should switch to Cloud Communications


Traditional on-premise phone systems no longer match the needs of today’s modern businesses. We are now living in the age of Cloud Communications. 93% of employees felt that productivity had been improved by their organisation adopting Unified Communications and collaboration tools.


Switching to Cloud Communications maximises your profitability and unleashes the true potential of your business.


Expand your Opportunities 

By freeing you from the constraints of a physical location and a fixed workforce, Cloud Communications enable you to expand your opportunities.


Ensure seamless experiences

You can now integrate multiple communications and collaboration services into a single solution, enabling you to deliver the seamless experiences that your employees and your customers increasingly expect.


Work smarter, anywhere

Enabling access to all the information and tools your employees need- anywhere and anytime – Cloud Communications can significantly improve your people#s productivity.

Is Your Phone System Holding You Back or Helping You Fly? Ingenio


Stay ahead with the latest technology

By ensuring you’re always upgraded to the latest technology, Cloud Communications help you stay competitive and at the forefront of business communication developments.


Reduce your risks

Cloud Communications feature the built-in resilience and security you need to significantly reduce the risks of damaging downtime.


Free up your time

Because your service provider manages and maintains your Cloud Communications solution, you are free to focus on adding more value to your business.


Now that you understand whether your current telephone system is holding you back or not, discover the true power of our telephone systems in our presentation below.



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