These Statistics show how small to medium businesses use technology

Small to medium sized businesses are using and growing technology more so than ever before. Those that recognise that investment in technology can improve efficiency and reduce the time staff spend on IT issues are the ones ahead of the game.

Here are some interesting statistics about how small to medium businesses use technology.


  • In 2014, 37% of small businesses had moved most of their systems to the cloud. This is expected to increase to 78% by 2020. (Source)
  • 52% of small businesses that use social media marketing view it as a critical enabler of their products and services. (Source)
  • High-performance small business sales and services teams are most likely to be early tech adopters. Early tech adopters achieve a competitive edge. 41% of high-performing small business sales teams report being heavy teach adopters. (Source)


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  • 75% of UK IT experts say there is a cyber security talent shortage, and as a result, 32% of enterprises claimed they were unable to maintain an adequate staff of cyber security professionals. 22% of these enterprises believe they are targeted by cyber criminals because they were aware the company’s security was not as strong. (Source)
  • 27% of small businesses don’t have IT Support.
  • 65% of IT leaders at small businesses currently empower business users to solve problems using tech tools. (Source)


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