Take on 2018 with a New IT Support Partner

For small to medium businesses, a new year means new goals. Whether this be to grow your company or to improve your internal operations, there is only one question that really matters.

Are you determined to make this year count?

If so, it may be time to consider a new IT Support partner.


I’ll get to that, but first, you should think about evaluating your 2017.


Evaluate your 2017

What worked and what didn’t? Perhaps there were some business challenges that weren’t resolved last year.

If you have an IT support provider, you may want to find out the following information from them:

  • What was your average response time for us in 2017?
  • On average, how long did it take to resolve our issues in 2017?
  • How many security threats did you prevent for us in 2017?
  • What steps are taken in the event of a disaster?
  • How often is my data backed up?
  • How often are my backups tested?
  • What was our downtime in 2017?
  • What business challenges did you solve for us in 2017?


Looking back at 2017, did you truly accomplish any of your business challenges? It’s one thing to work hard throughout the year and feel a sense of accomplishment, but another to look back and unbiasedly examine if the company has actually solved its biggest issues.


Time to make some changes


If some of the above questions were answered unsatisfactory, why is that? Furthermore, is it the IT Support teams fault? Perhaps they weren’t capable of keeping the SLA you agreed on at the start of your contract.

Your IT Support Partner is there to assist in solving your business challenges. It’s beneficial to have quarterly business reviews with your IT Support Partner to assess how technology is helping your business, and also how implementation of new technology can work to solve your challenges.


Do you need a new IT Support Partner?


Many IT support companies act as just your IT support team, while others act as your partner and work with you to grow your business and solve your challenges. Therefore, decide which one you think would be best for your business for 2018.


If you would like some information on how to choose the right IT provider for you, then you can download our free guide at the end of this blog.


Have a great new year!