Two-Factor Authentication – Easy Security

We all want a safe experience when it comes to using our PC’s, so strong computer security is essential and highly desired – even more so in a business. Today we’re going to be talking about Two-factor authentication, which can add another layer of security on to your machine.

Two-Factor authentication means you give two pieces of evidence to prove who you are rather than one password, when logging into your computer, and online account, or paying for something with a credit card.

You may have used Two-factor authentication before, but not known its name. It’s very simple and just adds another level onto your security. Essentially, when you input your password into your computer, there could be a second box to input further information. When you sign up for a website for example, you’ve probably seen the ‘Captcha code’ to prove you’re a human. This is a form of 2 factor authentication.

Another time it’s commonly used online is when you purchase something with your debit/credit card. Most banks allow you to set up 2 factor authentication.

A lot of the time, the second authentic factor you will have to complete will be a drop down menu rather than a standard text box. This is great for avoiding malware such as spyware which could be tracking everything you write into boxes, especially your passwords.

Say you have forgotten the passwords to one of your accounts, a code will be sent by text to your mobile and you can then enter it from there. This is to prove you are who you really say you are.
We recommend using 2 factor authentication for the next layer of security, so you can continue to work online safely. If you wanted to talk about how 2 factor authentication could be used in your business, feel free to give us a call on 01273 806211.

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