Using OneNote on the Go

I use OneNote to keep track of all the various ideas/lists/suggestions in passing that I come across throughout my day. Once I have created my note, it is available on all my devices, regardless of the device it was created on.  You may want to create a business ‘to do’ list, store training material, product price lists or just keep a page for movies so you can jot down any recommendations you come across while browsing the net, on the phone or in conversation with someone.

Here is a brief oversight of how I use OneNote:

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As you can see you can have as many tabs as you like.

You can create checklists and add tags. You can make the experience as visual as you like in order to make your notes understandable to you. You can even share them once you’re done.

As well as sharing, by using OneNote, you can be sure you can access these notes from anywhere. Using your smartphone, a web browser, on your home PC, on your work PC, etc.

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Another great feature I like is the ability to take a screenshot of something you want to keep that’s on your computer screen. Just use the scissors to cut the selection and paste it in, like so:

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This aspect of OneNote goes a lot deeper. OneNote integrates with all your other Office applications. Meaning you can send an email directly to OneNote or send a note in OneNote directly to your Outlook tasks. Same goes for Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

If you’re a fan of taking notes, a simple Quick Note will always come in handy. It even has it’s own Windows shortcut:

Using OneNote on the Go Ingenio

One word of advice, if you are using Windows 8/Windows 8.1 I would suggest installing OneNote to your PC from this link: Rather than using the built-in Metro App.

If you have Microsoft Office or Office 365, you probably have OneNote already.  If not, or would like to know more, then please call us now on 01273 806211.