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Every 19 seconds, a small business in the UK is hacked - we will keep your business safe

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Secure your business

54% of small businesses don’t have a plan in place for a cyber attack. We’ll work with you, following our security framework, to create a secure plan.

Protect your profit

In the UK the average cost of a data breach is around £25,000. Our security measures are designed to keep your money safe.

Enable your business to thrive

We will ensure your security systems are up to date and monitor for any threats, so your business can thrive without setback.

Facebook ad cyber attack response & recovery

Posture People's story

One of our clients, Posture People, unfortunately faced a cyber attack on their Facebook ad account. By reaching out to Ingenio one of our technicians jumped onto the issue and was able to work with Jo to figure out how to fix the situation, before any money was lost.

Take a look at the full story in this video.

posture people

Cyber crime is on the rise.

In the UK over the last year, Cyber Crime has risen by 31%.

43% of these cyber attacks target small businesses.

60% of small businesses unfortunate enough to be victims of a cyber attack go out of business within six months.

How protected are you?

3 out of 4 small businesses say they don’t have a designated ‘IT person’ to handle the IT security.

Ingenio Technologies IT Support Brighton 

Our certified IT and Cyber Security experts have you covered

Your Cyber Risk

Cyber threats are real and affect all businesses regardless of size. This is no different than physical security at your home or office – maybe you have CCTV, door locks, smoke alarm, burglar alarm, security light, maybe a dog, the list goes on.

Cyber Security, just like phyiscal security comes down to risk. Yes, there is some cyber security protection that every business should have, just like all offices have locks on their doors, conversely though, not every business needs every single cyber security application available, the same as you might not need guard dogs patrolling outside your office or home!

Measuring Risk

Rather than just sell you everything and hope that you’re secure, we take a different route and perform a comprehensive security assessment to understand your risk. We’ll identify if your risk is high and require a multi-layered security approach or if you only require basic security because you only use Microsoft office and an app or two in the cloud. 

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security should be a priority for any business, here are some typical cyber security solutions we offer: 
  • Password and security policy enforcement 
  • Pro-active patch management 
  • Workstation & mobile device security configuration and management
  • Firewall configuration and management 
  • Email SPAM filtering and management 
  • Web / DNS filtering and management 
  • GDPR compliance
  • Mobile Device encryption 
  • User Access Controls management
  • Penetration testing / Vulnerability scanning 
  • EDR & 24hr Security Operations Centre 

Contact us if you would like to discuss cyber security further.


Cyber Security threats can happen at any time. Download our guide to educate yourself and staff on a few ways to keep your business safe.

A Cyber Security Company is your solution

Ingenio’s Security Framework


During a data breach, cybercriminals could get access to personal information regarding your employees or customers, they then will most likely sell that information on.

We’ll run a risk assessment and vulnerability analysis to fully understand the level of security your business needs.


A virus will slow down computers. Ransomware puts a business to a standstill. Any form of Cyber attack will stop you and employees from working initially and could cost your business thousands.

Under our framework we’ll put tools in place to prevent any form of attack.

Including – Multifactor authentication (MFA), password management, device encryption, security policies, and so much more.


A cyber attack could happen to your business. With Cyber Security in place the recovery time will be faster, meaning your business can go back to normal asap.

Save time and stress in the event of a data breach, using Ingenio’s innovative cyber security software. Seamlessly rollback to a working state within hours.

Restore your business through a backup secured form our encrypted vault.

Ingenio’s 3 Step Plan for Cyber Security in Brighton

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What makes Ingenio Technologies so different?

The issue with Cyber Security is that just because you aren’t aware of the dangers facing modern businesses, doesn’t mean they aren’t real and present. It’s easy to turn a blind eye, and say “that won’t happen to me”, but unfortunately it happens to businesses like yours everyday.

If there is a data breach you’ll have to intervene, spending a lot of your time sorting out these issues. You’ll also have to report the breach to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) or you’ll be liable to face penalties. The worst part – a lot of data that may never be retrieved, and you could end up losing a lot of money.

We have worked with a number of Brighton businesses who have sought our help after being hacked. Using our unique cyber security framework, we were able to surgically restore their business as if the attack had never taken place.

Here’s how we can help: talk to our experts, we will create a secure plan with you, then put everything in place, and regulate the security of your business. In the worst case scenario that something goes wrong, we can have you back up and running in no time, as if the attack had never taken place.

Contact us now and keep your business safe.

Keep your business safe from cybercrime with Ingenio Technologies cyber security support

As a Cyber Security company, we help and supply over 60 local businesses with the most effective Security – giving them the protection their business deserves.

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